Hardeep Singh Kohli on Pure Recommends

21 February 2017 by Pure Radio

Hardeep chatting to Dave Stearn ahead of his show at Sale Waterside Arts Centre on March 9th 2017.

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Steve North from Dave TV interview

24 August 2016 by Pure Radio

In a quest to find the most hilarious jokes and one-liners from the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival, TV channel Dave sought help from 10 of the UK’s foremost comedy critics. They searched the venues at the festival to find and nominate their favourite jokes that were then put to the public vote.

Pure’s Bradley Lucy caught up with Steve North; the GM of Dave TV to discuss the winning joke, how you can take part next year and what the Fringe festival means to up and coming comics.

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Tennis Interview

6 May 2014 by Pure Radio

Below Zero’s Lana chats with vocalist Alaina from US Indie pop band Tennis whilst on UK tour for 3rd EP. May 2014

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Manchester Sound: The Massacre

1 July 2013 by Pure Radio

The Library Theatre’s dynamic production bringing together Manchester’s 1989 rave scene and the Peterloo massacre. Susanne Pendlebury went to find out more from actors Rachel Austin and Leah Hackett.

Download MP3 (2 MB | 2:13 min)

Andy McCluskey - OMD Chatting to Dave Stearn

8 March 2013 by Pure Radio

Andy chatting to Dave Stearn on Stockport’s Drive Home March 8th 2013 about the new album, single and tour.

Download MP3 (5 MB | 5:06 min)

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