Feb 2008 - Sugar and Spice 2008

25 February 2008 by Pure Radio

This Saturday the LGF are hosting an event to mark International Women’s Day. Jeni Quirke is organising the event, which is called Sugar and Spice.

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Feb 2008 - LGBT History Month 2008 Karaoke Vox Pops

25 February 2008 by Pure Radio

Under the Rainbow visited Stockport Labour Club for a karaoke event, which is part of LGBT History Month. People told us what was their highlight of the night.

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Feb 2008 - Hate Crime - PC Bernie Clifton

18 February 2008 by Pure Radio

Not that bloke with the Ostrich. PC Bernie Clifton is a police officer from Cheadle Hulme, who is has been nominated for an award for helping the trans community. He popped into Under the Rainbow for a chat.

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Feb 2008 - Changing Attitudes - Reverend Clive Larsen

4 February 2008 by Pure Radio

This Sunday there will be a special service held at St Agnes Church in Reddish during LGBT History Month. The Reverend Clive Larsen will be conducting the service, and he spoke to Under the Rainbow.

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