Mar 2008 - People Like Us Stockport

31 March 2008 by Pure Radio

It’s the second Wednesday in March, and Under the Rainbow have visited the Arden Arms to speak to People Like Us Stockport.

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Mar 2008 - Cosmopolitan Bar

31 March 2008 by Pure Radio

Under the Rainbow visited Cosmopolitan Bar on Manchester Road in Heaton Norris, and asked the manager about a sign they displayed stating that they’re not a gay bar.

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Mar 2008 - Rainbow Partnership

17 March 2008 by Pure Radio

If you’re involved in a voluntary or community organisation that works for LGBT people in Stockport, then there’s a free workshop this Wednesday evening being held at Stockport CVS.

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Mar 2008 - Out and Proud Manchester Walk

10 March 2008 by Pure Radio

This is British Tourism Week, and to celebrate Manchester Tourism is organising a series of free guided walks around the city centre. On Friday evening a special trail will take walkers around the Gay Village to discover some of Canal Street’s secret history.

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Sir Ian McKellen Visits The Garrick Theatre In Stockport

10 March 2008 by Pure Radio

Ian McKellen came to Stockport on 10 May 2008 to unveil a plaque commemorating the start of the Garrick Theatre in Stockport.

The Stockport Garrick was founded in 1901 at the Church Coffee Tavern (now Natwest Bank) on Petersgate.

Stephen from Under the Rainbow chatted with him about the
importance of theatre and being an openly gay man.

Download MP3 (5 MB | 5:17 min)

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