Apr 2008 - Gay Village Canal Safety

28 April 2008 by Pure Radio

Recent tragic events in Manchester’s Gay Village have seen people dying after falling into the canal on a night out. Under the Rainbow found out about a training programme to increase safety around the canal.

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Apr 2008 - Queer Up North 2008

28 April 2008 by Pure Radio

The international arts and culture festival Queer Up North is back. From the 19th to the 25th of May Manchester will host a diverse and varied programme of events.

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Apr 2008 - Village Spartans Rugby Club

21 April 2008 by Pure Radio

The Village Spartans Rugby Club visited Heaton Sports Ground to play against Heaton Moor 3. Under the Rainbow went along to speak to some of the players.

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Apr 2008 - Beating Around The Bush

14 April 2008 by Pure Radio

Under the Rainbow finds out about two new resources aimed at lesbian and bisexual women.

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