2013 - A Stockport Year

31 December 2013 by Pure Radio

Matthew Gilbert looks back on music and events in Stockport in 2013

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Pure County - Workington Podcat

28 December 2013 by Pure Radio

Manager Alan Lord talks to Pure’s Jon Keighren following 1-1 draw with Workington at Edgeley Park.

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Kids at Christmas

26 December 2013 by Pure Radio

With the Christmas season fully underway we sent Pure’s Duncan Boswell out to speak to the children at The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints on Bramhall Lane to find out their favourite things about christmas.

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23 December 2013 by Pure Radio

If you’re into your gadgets and electrical goods Electrocom sells everything your need. If like Sara you don’t know one end of a scart lead from the other this is a great place to come and get advice.
Sara found out more for the Pure Workbreak.

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Jah Wobble on New Horizons

22 December 2013 by Pure Radio

Jah Wobble became famous in the late 1970’s playing the bass guitar with John Lydon, in the post punk band Public Image Limited.

Jah Wobble, real name is John Waddle, talks to Pure’s resident poet Paddy Blockley. They have more in common than you might think both are bona fide Cockneys, and both now call Stockport home.

They also share another passion, a love for poetry. In 1996 Jah Wobble released an album of William Blake’s poetry set to music and now he has had his own collections of poems published called ‘Odds and Sods and Epilogues’.

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