Apr 2015 - Sparkle 2015

30 April 2015 by Pure Radio

Sparkle is the National Transgender Celebration.

They have numerous events happening around the second week in July.

Highlights include the Sparkle Crystal Ball, Party In The Park, talks and workshops and Sparkle Fringe.

Under the Rainbow chatted Sparkle Trustee and Press and PR Officer, Tony Cooper.

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Pure Sport Podcast

24 April 2015 by Pure Radio

We preview the final Stockport County game of the season.

Local referee Scott Mathieson is our studio guest and racing driver Tony Hughes from Bredbury based Speedworks Motorsports looks ahead to an endurance event this weekend.

Plus Keith Coates rounds up all the action from the Stockport District Sunday Football League.

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Apr 2015 - HIV Stigma Index Survey

23 April 2015 by Pure Radio

There have been massive improvements in HIV treatments and life expectancy over the past decade, yet there’s still no cure.

There have been 93 new diagnoses of HIV in Stockport residents in the five years from 2009.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues faced by HIV positive people is discrimination.

The UK Stigma Index survey aims to question people living with HIV, to find out their experiences of prejudice and how it has affected them.

Under the Rainbow spoke to one of the survey’s coordinators, Alastair Hudson.

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Pure Sport Podcast 17 Apr 15

17 April 2015 by Pure Radio

Simon Kelsey sits in for Pete Liggins. Alan Lord speaks for the first time since his resignation. County caretaker Phil Brown on the Hatters’ trip to Gloucester and whether he’d be interested in the job full time. Plus legendary cricketer David Gower on cricket, sledging and that feud with Graham Gooch.

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Apr 2015 - Sports May and Pride Games

16 April 2015 by Pure Radio

Sports May is a programme of sporting activities aimed at lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

It will give individuals a chance to get involved in new sports, or to improve their abilities. The range of events includes swimming, football, athletics, tennis, rugby, cricket and volleyball.

The month will then be followed up by a number of tournaments in June.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to one of the volunteers helping organise the event, Phil Facey.

Download MP3 (11 MB | 7:55 min)

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