Alison Wheeler - The South 2016

12 October 2016 by Pure Radio

Alison Wheeler of The South chatting to Dave Stearn on Pure Breakfast ahead of the bands show at Buxton Opera House on October 19th 2016.

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Response To The Transgender Equality Inquiry

4 February 2016 by Pure Radio

Last month the Women and Equalities Select Committee released a report on their transgender equality inquiry.

It includes numerous recommendations to the government, such as making it easier to change gender on official documents; increasing awareness of trans issues amongst healthcare staff; and helping prevent hate crime.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking with Louie Stafford of the LGBT Foundation – about their response to the report.

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May 2015 - Irish Marriage Referendum

28 May 2015 by Pure Radio

On Friday Ireland voted on the issue of marriage equality.

A referendum was required because the country’s constitution defines marriage, and to prevent legal challenges to same-sex marriages they wanted to tweak the wording – so to change the constitution requires the say of the people.

They had weeks of debates on television and radio, not to mention on the streets – where there were also posters for both sides of the campaign.

Emotions were running high by the day of the referendum. Under the Rainbow spoke to a few people in Dublin’s LGBT community.

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Oct 2014 - Campaign for Homosexual Equality

9 October 2014 by Pure Radio

Tuesday marked fifty years since the beginning of the modern movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality in the UK.

In October 1964, Manchester hosted the first meeting of the North West Homosexual Law Reform Committee. This was at a time when homosexuality was still illegal.

Later the organisation was renamed to the Campaign for Homosexual Equality, and it continues to fight for LGBT rights today.

A plaque was unveiled on Manchester’s Deansgate, which marks the location of the first meeting.

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Sep 2014 - Bi Visibility Day

18 September 2014 by Pure Radio

Next Tuesday will be Bi Visibility Day, which aims to increase the profile of bisexual people.

Manchester’s community group BiPhoria will be discussing the history of bisexual equality on Sunday. And an information resource called Getting Bi is being launched on Tuesday.

The event’s organisers are also asking the public to take part online in a mass tweet.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Jen Yockney, who talked about importance of the day, and the discrimination that bisexual people face.

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