Ange Hardy in session for Roots & Fusion - acoustic & loopless

22 June 2016 by Pure Radio

Award winning folk singer songwriter Ange Hardy recorded her 2nd session for Roots & Fusion round my place.

Making the decision to record without her trademark looping, Ange unplugged and sang a range of songs, both new and old.

Ange also decided to start the session off by allowing Roots & Fusion to play an unreleased song of hers, recorded for February Album Writing Month in 2012.

We then had a chat, and in another rare coup – Ange’s other half Rob Swan joined in…

1) I’ve Got A Fan – FAWM 2012
2) Hollow I Am
3) The Two Sisters (The Berkshire Tragedy)
4) By The Tides
5) The Passing Lullaby
6) Ange & Rob in conversation

Recorded by Aaron Hixon

Ange Hardy at

Roots & Fusion at

Download MP3 (31 MB | 33:23 min)

Oct 2015 - LGBT Foundation's Village Angels

29 October 2015 by Pure Radio

The Village Angels are a band of volunteers that patrol around Canal Street, and the rest of Manchester’s Gay Village. They work to provide help and information to night-time revellers.

They are organised by the LGBT Foundation. And can be spotted in pink hi-visibility vests on Friday and Saturday nights.

Under the Rainbow heard from Jessica White, who is the Community Safety Coordinator at the LGBT Foundation.

Download MP3 (7 MB | 4:59 min)

Ange Hardy in session for Roots & Fusion

4 March 2015 by Pure Radio

Winner of Fatea’s Album of the Year award 2014 and nominee in the New Horizon category of the 2015 BBC Folk Awards, Ange Hardy, came in to the Roots & Fusion studio to record a handful of songs & have a chat…

Having just played her first ever Stockport gig as part of the Roots & Fusion Playing Out series, Ange was in fine form. She recorded some songs from her award winning album, The Lament Of The Black Sheep, as well as a couple of songs from her latest project entitled “esteecee”, named after Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

1) Foster Mother’s Tale
2) The Raising & The Letting Go
3) The Lost Soul
4) William Frend
5) Heaven Waits
6) Ange Hardy in conversation

Download MP3 (37 MB | 32:31 min)

Jul 2014 - Sparkle Transgender Festival

3 July 2014 by Pure Radio

Sparkle is the annual festival for transgender people and anyone questioning their gender identity.

At the end of next week, Manchester will be hosting live entertainment, talks and workshops, a beauty pageant, meals and club nights.

Under the Rainbow has been getting more details from the festival’s Director, Bella Jay.

Download MP3 (7 MB | 4:45 min)

Mar 2014 - Village Angels

13 March 2014 by Pure Radio

The Village Angels are a group that give assistance to people on a night out in Manchester’s Gay Village.

Whether someone needs help reporting a crime, or just directions – the Angels are on the streets to help, easily spotted in their pink high visibility vests.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to their organiser, Stephanie Hartley at the Lesbian and Gay Foundation.

Download MP3 (8 MB | 5:30 min)

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