Oct 2014 - ASPECS - Autism, Tourette's and ADHD Group

2 October 2014 by Pure Radio

Tonight Under the Rainbow are discussing a new group called ASPECS.

It stands for Austistic and Aspergers Syndrome People of Every Category of Sexuality.

It’s a networking group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. It that includes those with ADHD, Tourette’s, and those anywhere on the autistic spectrum.

They’ll have their first meeting later this month.

The group’s Founder – Dan Kahn, also known as drag queen Tia Anna, has been speaking to Under the Rainbow.

Download MP3 (8 MB | 6:08 min)

Stockport Cricket Scene 23rd August

23 August 2011 by Pure Radio

On this week’s Stockport Cricket Scene, Andy Searle reports on Marple’s sudden attack of nerves as they attempt to reach the Chapel Press Cheshire County League Premier Division, Bredbury St Marks’ bid for promotion to Division One and Romiley’s renewed challenge for a second successive promotion in Division Two of the Meller Braggins Cheshire League. He also speaks to Cheshire Women and Trinity all-rounder Hannah Gradwell, who played a big role in her club’s win over Oakmere in the Cheshire Women’s League T20 Divisional competition final on Sunday to claim the first silverware by a Stockport senior club this season

Download MP3 (6 MB | 6:09 min)