Harp and a Monkey @ Anson Engine Museum, Poynton

15 May 2013 by Pure Radio

Roots & Fusion recorded Manchester’s masters of electro-folk storytelling at the celebrated Anson Engine Museum in Poynton, surrounded by the 45 ton, 19th century, restored Stott steam engine that originally powered the cotton mill in Hazel Grove.

Harp and a Monkey played 5 songs, including some off their forthcoming 2nd album, as well as having a chat about backing tracks, social media and how they squeeze everything into the back of a Punto…

To find out more about the band – www.harpandamonkey.com

To find out more about the museum – www.enginemuseum.org

Roots & Fusion goes out live every Wednesday from 10pm

Download MP3 (34 MB | 37:22 min)