Jan 2015 - Hate Crime Awareness Week

29 January 2015 by Pure Radio

A hate crime is an act of violence or hostility directed at someone for their disability, race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation or alternative subculture.

PC Kelly Appleton from Greater Manchester Police Stockport Partnership Team has been speaking to Under the Rainbow.

She said they’re encouraging the public to report hate crimes, and that it’s taken very seriously by the courts.

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Jan 2015 - Next Week Is Hate Crime Awareness Week

22 January 2015 by Pure Radio

From 26th January it’s Hate Crime Awareness Week.

Ben Muster from Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Greater Manchester Police PC Kelly Appleton.

We’ll hear more next week.

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Apple Rabbits - Roots & Fusion session

4 April 2012 by Pure Radio

Singer songwriter Jay Fisher came up from London specially to do a Roots & Fusion session. He played four songs taken from his Apple Rabbits albums, King of Anglia and Kilburn State and also had a chat with Rick.

The songs are Get Paid, I Could Not Care Less, Yeah and Playing Home Sweet Home.

Both albums are available on Kilburn State Records.

For more information about Roots & Fusion, see www.facebook.com/rootsandfusion

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Stockport Cricket Scene 22nd April

22 April 2011 by Pure Radio

Weekly cricket round-up with Andy Searle, including interviews with Lancashire skipper Glen Chapple and Stockport CC’s Mark Green

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Cellar Cast 12

20 February 2010 by Pure Radio

Highlights from The Cellar Tapes, Pure 107.8 FMs alternative sixties show, aired on February 20th 2010.

The featured record for this particular week was the self titled debut album by New York band Silver Apples from 1968.

As well as that, there were other sixties delights from the likes of Taj Mahal, The Sundowners, The Velvet Underground, The Parade, The Turtles, and The Who.

For more information, please visit www.myspace.com/Themancuniancandidate

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