Adrian Edmondson on Fuzzbox

3 June 2010 by Pure Radio

Adrian Edmondson, famous for playing Vyvyan in The Young Ones and Eddie in Bottom, spoke to Paul Holloway about his band The Bad Shepherds.

The Bad Shepherds play classic punk songs on folk music. You can catch them for yourself at the Lowry on July 4. Adrian also talks about his love for Exeter City and about the possibility of working with Rik Mayall again

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GHAP Badminton Group On Under The Rainbow

29 October 2009 by Pure Radio

The Sports Development Centre in Hulme is home to the GHAP Badminton Group, which is aimed at lesbians and gay men.

They provide a friendly space for people of all abilities to play badminton.

Under the Rainbow went along to speak to a few of their members and get more details.

Download MP3 (9 MB | 9:47 min)