Spider Mike King live for Roots & Fusion

30 April 2014 by Pure Radio

Manchester born Spider Mike King recorded a session especially for Roots & Fusion at Barista Café Bar on Stockport’s Underbank.

Spider’s gorgeous voice has to be heard and his guitar playing is a treat. He recorded five tunes, including a new one and then we had a chat about his time with Nico, being signed to Distilled records and where he got his name from…

1) Box Car Blues
2) Leroy Brown
3) Carry Me Home
4) Heart With Mine
5) Grapes Of Wrath

Download MP3 (41 MB | 29:30 min)

Patsy Matheson - Barista Podcast

2 April 2014 by Pure Radio

The return of Patsy Matheson to Roots & Fusion.

On the same day as her Domino Girls album received a 4 star review in the Guardian, Patsy recorded her third session for Roots & Fusion.

She recorded three songs at Barista Café Bar on Stockport’s Little Underbank and had a catch up with Rick, discussing the new album and also hoe she still supports her local folk club.

1) Say You Do
2) No Contract
3) Not The One

Keep in touch with Patsy at www.patsymatheson.co.uk

Find out more about Roots & Fusion at www.facebook.com/rootsandfusion

Download MP3 (27 MB | 23:55 min)

The Blue Pig Orchestra in session for Roots & Fusion

12 March 2014 by Pure Radio

Mike & Jo from the Blue Pig orchestra recorded an acoustic session for Roots & Fusion in the intimate surroundings of Barista Café Bar on the stairs of Stockport’s Little Underbank.

Bringing along both 6 and 12 string guitars, harmonica, mandolin and gorgeous vocal harmonies, they played four tunes, including a version of Gallows Hill, before having a chat with Rick.

This song has just won the Folkstock sponsored competition, Song For Swarb, to have a fiddle part recorded by Dave Swarbrick and included on the Pass The Baton EP.

To find out more about The Blue Pig Orchestra, visit www.thebluepigorchestra.co.uk

To find out more about Folkstock, visit www.folkstockartsfoundatio.com

To find out more about Roots & Fusion, visit www.facebook.com/rootsandfusion

Download MP3 (44 MB | 32:17 min)

Jo Bywater in session at Barista Café Bar, Stockport

29 January 2014 by Pure Radio

In the afternoon before her triumphant gig in the Roots & Fusion Playing Out series, Jo Bywater recorded a selection of songs in the intimate surroundings of Barista Café Bar on the Underbank Stairs in Stockport centre.

Continuing to grow her songwriting skills as well as technical ability, Jo has recently been compared to the late Chris Whitley and her latest EP, Chasing Tales, has won the Fatea Award for Best Mini Album / EP 2013.

Tracklist =

1) This Garden
2) Sun Shines Under Water
3) One Small Step
4) Chopping Wood
5) Woolen Hearts
6) Jo Bywater in conversataion

For more about Jo, visit www.jobywater.com
For more about Roots & Fusion, visit www.facebook.com/rootsandfusion

Download MP3 (36 MB | 31:32 min)

Pauline Alexander in session at Barista Café Bar

6 November 2013 by Pure Radio

Pauline Alexander came down from Glasgow especially to record a session for Roots & Fusion, stopping off for a gig at the Globe in Glossop on the way.

Together with her guitarist, Edwin Gallacher, she performed five songs including their own take on Dire Straits’ Brothers In Arms, my favourite, Where Lucifer Lingers and a new song too…

1) Where Lucifer Lingers
2) Seven Notes
3) Brothers In Arms
4) Dear Sister
5) Green Stem Coming Through
6) conversation

For more information see www.paulinealexander.com

And don’t forget the Roots & Fusion facebook page – www.facebook.com/rootsandfusion

Download MP3 (42 MB | 30:31 min)

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