Jul 2014 - Sparkle Transgender Festival

3 July 2014 by Pure Radio

Sparkle is the annual festival for transgender people and anyone questioning their gender identity.

At the end of next week, Manchester will be hosting live entertainment, talks and workshops, a beauty pageant, meals and club nights.

Under the Rainbow has been getting more details from the festival’s Director, Bella Jay.

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Under the Rainbow - 5th July 2012

5 July 2012 by Pure Radio

Thursday 5th July 2012: The lifestyle guide for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community in Stockport. Under the Rainbow keeps you updated with everything going on in the borough and beyond. Listen for details of local groups, unmissable gigs, the latest news and have a laugh with our quiz.

Also, Under the Rainbow heard about plans for next week’s transgender festival – Sparkle.

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Jul 2012 - Sparkle Transgender Festival

5 July 2012 by Pure Radio

Sparkle is the annual festival for the transgender community.

It will be in Manchester at the end of next week.

Under the Rainbow spoke to their organiser Bella Jay. She described what they have planned.

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Jul 2011 - Sparkle 2011 - International Transgender Festival

7 July 2011 by Pure Radio

Tomorrow the international festival for the transgender community begins in Manchester, and continues with a weekend of entertainment and workshops. Under the Rainbow heard from the event’s organiser, Bellajay, who explained what was in store for their seventh year.

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