Budget, Tory Conference & Homelessness 06 Oct 15

6 October 2015 by Pure Radio

As Stockport Council prepares to make more than £21m worth of savings in the next financial year — the biggest cut in a single year in history — Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Iain Roberts explains some of the proposals. Plus we continue our party conference coverage — this week it’s the turn of the Conservatives and Cllr Syd Lloyd — and Jonathan Billings from The Wellspring on news that homelessness in Stockport increased almost threefold last year. Also, Jane looks at proposed changes to business rates.

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Nov 2014 - Still Ill

6 November 2014 by Pure Radio

Still Ill is a tragic love story between the jumped up pantry boy and the boy with the thorn in his side.

It’s set in a world of violence between Manchester and Northern Ireland.

The play will be on at The Lowry and at Oldham Library later this month.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to the writer, Billy Cowen.

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Aug 2013 - LGBT Film Double-Bill At Joshua Brooks

22 August 2013 by Pure Radio

Joshua Brooks is hosting a double-bill LGBT film night on Bank Holiday Monday.

They are showing two features from the 1970s – Nighthawks and Taxi Zum Klo.

Under the Rainbow spoke to the organiser, Fadima.

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Jul 2013 - Marriage Act for Same Sex Couples

18 July 2013 by Pure Radio

Yesterday the Queen signed the Marriage Bill for Same-Sex Couples into law.

Gay and lesbian partners are expected to be able to wed from next summer.

The bill also means that people undergoing gender reassignment will no longer need to dissolve an existing marriage.

Under the Rainbow spoke to Andrew Gilliver from the Lesbian and Gay Foundation.

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Jan 2013 - Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Bill

31 January 2013 by Pure Radio

On Friday the government published their proposed Marriage Bill for Same-Sex Couples.

If passed, it will allow gay and lesbian couples the right to marry. It would also remove the need for trans people to dissolve an existing marriage when they transition.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Andrew Gilliver from the Lesbian and Gay Foundation. He’s encouraging people to contact their MPs on this issue.

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