Eddie Argos from Art Brut On Fuzzbox

4 September 2011 by Pure Radio

Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos talks to Paul Holloway about the album Brilliant Tragic, moving to Berlin, working with Frank Black from The Pixies, why he wrote a song about FC St Pauli when he does like football and his love of comics.

Art Brut play the Ruby Lounge on 7 October.

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Anarchy in SK!

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Cellar Cast 6

9 January 2010 by Pure Radio

Highlights from The Cellar Tapes, Pure 107.8 FMs alternative sixties show, aired on January 9th 2010.

The featured album for this particular week was Donovan’s second release, Sunshine Superman from 1966.

As well as that, there were other sixties delights from the likes of The Rokes, The Bruthers, Lulu, The Velvet Underground, The Kinks and Spanky Wilson.

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