JC Carroll from The Members On Fuzzbox Again

7 July 2011 by Pure Radio

Paul and Brinner caught up with JC Carroll from The Members once again. The band are currently back in the studio recording new material.

JC tells us about his debut on the big screen, a potential project with Duck Sauce and the time Bruce Springsteen gate crashed into their dressing room.

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Anarchy in SK!

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Cellar Cast 8

23 January 2010 by Pure Radio

Highlights from The Cellar Tapes, Pure 107.8 FMs alternative sixties show, aired on January 23rd 2010.

The featured album for this particular week was the second album from Jefferson Airplane, Surrealistic Pillow from 1967.

As well as that, there were other sixties delights from the likes of The Zombies, Sopwith Camel, Canned Heat, Turquoise, John Mayall, and The Blues Magoos.

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