May 2014 - Heather Peace

29 May 2014 by Pure Radio

Actress and singer Heather Peace is known for her television roles in Lip Service, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Waterloo Road.

In 2012, she released her first album – Fairytales. Next month, she’s hoping her second album The Thin Line will get a good reception.

She’s also a patron of Manchester Pride – the annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community festival.

When Heather spoke to Pure’s Sara, she explained that she feels such events are still important.

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Fairway Primary are Pures Cool School 2013

3 October 2013 by Pure Radio

Well done to everyone at Fairway Primary in Offerton, Pures Cool School in September 2013.

On this podcast hear Jessica, Junaed, Harry, Saskia, Tyler and Lilly tell us some of the things they love about Fairway, play along with the Cool School Sketchphrase game

And find out if they can ‘Tickle the Teacher’ with some of their jokes.

Join Tim on Pure Breakfast from 6am each weekday morning

Pures Cool School can be heard around 8:20am and ‘Tickle the Teacher at 6:50 and 7:50am

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Apr 2013 - Manchester's role in LGB history

4 April 2013 by Pure Radio

Later this month the Lesbian and Gay Foundation will be hosting a talk by local historian Paul Fairweather – about the important role Manchester played in the fight for equality.

It’ll be covering four decades in the twentieth century, and what the events mean for the lesbian, gay and bisexual community.

Paul Fairweather spoke to Under the Rainbow. He explained where the talk begins.

Download MP3 (7 MB | 4:51 min)

Fairway Primary Offerton

3 February 2012 by Pure Radio

Hello to everyone at Fairway Primary.

Hear the kids in How Cools Your School and try to guess the mystery celebrity from the clues in Idol’s Ideaology.

Join Tim and Sara on Pure Breakfast weekdays from 6am.

How Cools Your School airs at 8:20

Download MP3 (9 MB | 9:45 min)

Outwood Primary's School Fair

22 June 2011 by Pure Radio

Perri McManus went over to Outwood Primary School on June 18th on the day of their annual school fair. She spoke to some of the people involved with the organisation of the fair, as well as stall holders, helpers and pupils from the school.

Download MP3 (4 MB | 4:30 min)

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