Oct 2014 - Sapphormation 2014

16 October 2014 by Pure Radio

Sapphormation is an annual festival in Manchester for women who love women.

It has a number of activities for lesbian and bisexual women, which relate to their lives, and will allow them to discuss issues relevant to them.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Myrtle, who is one of the event’s organisers.

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Aug 2014 - Summer Sapphormation

7 August 2014 by Pure Radio

Sapphormation is a positive space for women who love women which takes place in November.

This year there’ll be an extra event next week called Summer Sapphormation – which includes food and an art workshop.

We’ve been speaking to one of the organisers, Myrtle Finley.

Download MP3 (2 MB | 1:33 min)