Undertones Guitarist Damian O'Neill on Fuzzbox

21 October 2010 by Pure Radio

Undertones Guitarist Damian O’Neill told Paul and Brinner what it was like supporting the Clash in America and how John Peel set the band on their way to fame and fortune by coughing up the cost of studio time from his own pocket.

Download MP3 (9 MB | 9:58 min)

The Minx on Fuzzbox

19 April 2010 by Pure Radio

Here is another chance to hear Chris and Chucky from The Minx on Fuzzbox with Paul and Brinner.

The lads take on Brinner in Nevermind The Fuzzbox inbetween enjoying two superb tracks from the band, This Is England and Shandy Boy

Download MP3 (16 MB | 17:31 min)

The Members On Fuzzbox

31 March 2010 by Pure Radio

Legendary punk band The Members recently played their first Manchester gig in over 20 years at MOHO Live.

The band had a pint at the Unicorn pub in the Northern Quarter with Paul and Brinner from Fuzzbox.

Hear how they followed The Beatles and had a residency in a German club and how guitarist JC played at Joe Strummer’s 50th birthday party shortly before his death

Download MP3 (12 MB | 13:26 min)