Jun 2015 - Ian McKellen

25 June 2015 by Pure Radio

Mr Holmes is currently in the cinema, with Sir Ian McKellen playing the part of an ageing Sherlock Holmes.

Ian has said he’ll take on fewer acting roles in the future, in order to concentrate on writing his autobiography – after he signed a deal with publishers, worth a reported one million pounds.

Tonight, Under the Rainbow looks back at when he visited the Garrick Theatre in Stockport.

Ian explained why he thought more lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans celebrities don’t come out of the closet.

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'On Golden Pond' on Stockport Focus

20 May 2014 by Pure Radio

The drama On Golden Pond is on stage the Garrick Theatre – Susanne Pendlebury wanted to know from director Elaine Pratt, actors Gordon Mounsey, Ann Davies and Ben Wild why this is a play everybody should watch.

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'Deathtrap' on Stockport Focus

22 October 2013 by Pure Radio

Deathtrap, a comedy-thriller by Ira Levin is a play within a play with many twists and turns. Susanne Pendlebury visited the Garrick Theatre and spoke to director Ian M. Butterfield, actors Martin Pritchard and Jan King trying to find out who is killing who.

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'Rope' on Stockport Focus

8 January 2013 by Pure Radio

The Garrick Theatre is starting the year with thrilling play. Rope by Patrick Hamilton is set in 1929 London where a murder takes place. Susanne Pendlebury visits the green room and finds out more about the story from director Ian M. Butterfield and actors Anthony Collier and Adrian Barrowdale.

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'A Christmas Carol' on Stockport Focus

11 December 2012 by Pure Radio

Director Mary Pritchard and actor Gordon Mounsey explain the background to Dickens’ classic Christmas story to Susanne Pendlebury who visited the Garrick theatre for this production.

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