Jun 2015 - Gay and Bisexual Men's Cancers

11 June 2015 by Pure Radio

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Foundation have created a new booklet on the subject of cancers that effect men.

It has information about the causes, symptoms, and where to get further advice – on a wide range of cancers.

Their Community Involvement Manager, Andrew Gilliver, has been talking to Under the Rainbow.

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Jan 2014 - Stockport LGB Community Leaders

16 January 2014 by Pure Radio

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation have been funded by the Department of Health to get more lesbian, gay and bisexual people talking about health and social care issues.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Andrew Gilliver from the LGF about a public consultation taking place in Stockport next week.

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Nov 2013 - Community Book of Remembrance

21 November 2013 by Pure Radio

Yesterday was Transgender Day of Remembrance. It’s a time to remember those lost to transphobia.

There’ll be a candlelit vigil on Sunday in Manchester, and a opportunity to sign of the Community Book of Remembrance.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Andrew Gilliver from the Lesbian and Gay Foundation about the book.

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Under the Rainbow - 22nd November 2012

22 November 2012 by Pure Radio

Thursday 22th November 2012: The lifestyle guide for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community in Stockport. Under the Rainbow keeps you updated with everything going on in the borough and beyond. Listen for details of local groups, unmissable gigs, the latest news and have a laugh with our quiz.

Under the Rainbow also heard about the new LGBT youth group that started in Stockport last night, Transgender Day of Remembrance and National HIV Testing Week.

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Nov 2012 - HIV Testing Week

22 November 2012 by Pure Radio

From Friday the 23rd of November it’s HIV Testing Week.

Andrew Gilliver tells Under the Rainbow that it’s important to know your HIV status if you’re sexually active.

They will host a testing clinic for gay men on Thursday 29th November.

Download MP3 (2 MB | 1:09 min)

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