Dec 2013 - Rainbow Awards - Vote for TV Moment or Series

5 December 2013 by Pure Radio

Here on Under the Rainbow, we’re putting together a programme to celebrate the best of the LGBT community during 2013, and we want your help.

In the new year we will be presenting our awards for a number of different categories.

We want you to vote for your favourite for TV Moment or Series.

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Sep 2013 - Wish You Were Here - Aeryn

26 September 2013 by Pure Radio

Stockport Art Gallery currently has an exhibition of photographs, with the title Wish You Were Here.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Aeryn. She’s one of the artists with their work on display.

Her photos are mostly from her trips in the picturesque Western Isles of Scotland.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Aeryn this week.

Download MP3 (7 MB | 5:15 min)