Feb 2014 - To Russia With Love

6 February 2014 by Pure Radio

This Saturday the Contact Theatre hosts a production that highlights the issues facing LGBT people in the Winter Olympics host nation, Russia.

It’s a collaboration between the Work In Progress Theatre Company, Vada, Chris Hoyle and Hope Theatre Company.

Download MP3 (3 MB | 2:30 min)

One Voice Show 2 - January 2013

6 January 2013 by Pure Radio

Here is a podcast of the second edition of One Voice – Radio Without Barriers.

One Voice is made by disabled people in Stockport in partnership with Pure Innovations and supported by Manchester Airport Community Fund.

2 min: Brendan Cojeen, Wellsprings Homeless Charity
7 min: Great Sporting Moments – Chris Hoy’s 6th Gold
9 min: Stockport Air Raid Shelter Museum
15 min: Mike Smith, Stockport County Community Foundation
22 min: Comedy Classics – Only Fools & Horses

One Voice is on Facebook and Twitter: PureOneVoice

Download MP3 (27 MB | 28:58 min)