Stockport Diabetes Epidemic

10 January 2017 by Pure Radio

It is estimated that 27,000 people in Stockport are at risk of developing diabetes and and there are already 14,600 people who are diagnosed with the condition.

Stockport has been accepted into wave 2 of the Healthier You NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, which will identify those people at high risk of developing diabetes and then offer them a range of support.

Jennifer Connolly, Specialty Registrar in Pubic Health explained the situation to Pure’s Jane Lomas.

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Sep 2014 - Bi Visibility Day

18 September 2014 by Pure Radio

Next Tuesday will be Bi Visibility Day, which aims to increase the profile of bisexual people.

Manchester’s community group BiPhoria will be discussing the history of bisexual equality on Sunday. And an information resource called Getting Bi is being launched on Tuesday.

The event’s organisers are also asking the public to take part online in a mass tweet.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Jen Yockney, who talked about importance of the day, and the discrimination that bisexual people face.

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Apr 2014 - TransForum Manchester

3 April 2014 by Pure Radio

TransForum Manchester is a support group for transgender and transvestite people, or anyone who is questioning their gender.

They meet monthly in the Lesbian and Gay Foundation’s headquarters in Manchester.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to their Chairperson, Jenny-Anne Bishop.

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Under the Rainbow - 13th December 2012

13 December 2012 by Pure Radio

Thursday 13th December 2012: The lifestyle guide for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community in Stockport. Under the Rainbow keeps you updated with everything going on in the borough and beyond. Listen for details of local groups, unmissable gigs, the latest news and have a laugh with our quiz.

Tonight Under the Rainbow heard about the Leveson Report and its findings on the portrayal of trans issues and people.

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Dec 2012 - Leveson Report - Trans Media Watch

13 December 2012 by Pure Radio

The Leveson Report made recommendations that aim to improve the culture and ethics of the media.

Amongst the inquiry’s findings was a poor treatment of transgender people.

Under the Rainbow spoke to Jennie from Trans Media Watch, who contributed to the inquiry.

She painted a grim picture of recent coverage about trans people, but said she’s hopeful for the future of reporting.

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