Jimmy Cricket on Pure Breakfast

22 January 2015 by Pure Radio

Legendary Irish Comedian Jimmy Cricket talks to Tim and Pete on Pure Breakfast ahead of his Value for a Tenner variety show at Stockport Plaza on Sunday January 25th.

Jimmy talks about his new album ‘Light and Shade’ and about his love for the Plaza.

He also reveals he used to live in Stockport and he gets a letter from his mammy!

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Jimmy McGovern's Common - Joint Enterprise Interview

4 July 2014 by Pure Radio

TV crime writer Jimmy McGovern has produced a new BBC drama, underlining the lesser known law of Joint Enterprise.

Mark Pattison spoke to Janet Cunliffe, whose son was convicted under Joint Enterprise, even though registered blind, and who Jimmy used as inspiration for the drama.

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Cellar Cast 13

27 February 2010 by Pure Radio

Highlights from The Cellar Tapes, Pure 107.8 FMs alternative sixties show, aired on February 27th 2010.

The featured record for this particular week was the self titled debut album by a band called Led Zepellin from 1969.

As well as that, there were other sixties delights from the likes of Spanky Wilson, The Yardbirds, The Third Rail, Cream, The Doors, and John Mayall.

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