Rachael Johnston Part 2: Advice on Anorexia

6 June 2012 by Pure Radio

Recovering anorexic Rachael Johnston is campaigning to raise awareness of eating disorders.

In the second part of her interview, Rachael shares more of her experiences and gives advice on seeking support.

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Rachael Johnston Part 1: Airbrushing & Eating Disorders

23 May 2012 by Pure Radio

Rachael Johnston is recovering from anorexia and currently running a campaign to ban airbrushing of media images, which could have a negative influence on young people.

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Carl Broemel From My Morning Jacket On Sunshine Underground

1 November 2011 by Pure Radio

Carl Broemel, guitarist with acclaimed Kentucky alternative rock band My Morning Jacket recently spoke with Martin Johnston and Huw Williams from Sunshine Underground.

Carl told Pure about the band’s pseudonym Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem that was planned for the upcoming Muppets film and modestly responds to the honour of being named a ‘Guitar God’ by Rolling Stone magazine.

My Morning Jacket play Manchester Academy on Sunday 6th November.

Download MP3 (16 MB | 17:06 min)