Oct 2015 - After Adoption

8 October 2015 by Pure Radio

After Adoption is an organisation that helps individuals and couples in all aspects of the adoption process.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking with their Senior Recruitment Officer, Emma Harris.

Emma explained that they’re looking for more adopters, including lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

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Mixed martial arts at 12 Gauge MMA

12 September 2013 by Pure Radio

The global success of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has turned Mixed Martial Arts or MMA into a very popular sport in it’s own right. Pure’s Duncan Boswell met up with former fighter Matthew Thorpe who runs a gym in Portwood where you can try Mixed Martial Arts too.

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Supajamma On Fuzzbox

21 July 2011 by Pure Radio

Paul & Brinner talk to Martin Sugar Merchant, ex-Audioweb frontman, and Simon from the Manchester band Supajamma.

The boys choose some of their favourite tunes including some rare Jamacian Ska tracks before taking on Brinner in Nevermind The Fuzzbox.

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Anarchy in SK!

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Pure County Special - New Investors / Manager Press Conference

5 July 2011 by Pure Radio

A full recording of the Q&A with the Press at Edgeley Park.

On the top table, Tony Evans who is fronting a new group of investors, Dietmar Hamann the clubs new Manager and CEO Graham Shaw.

Download MP3 (24 MB | 26:10 min)

I Love the Village

17 May 2011 by Pure Radio

Mark Pattison talks to Stockport filmmaker Jonathan Robinson, about his new Youtube channel, I Love the Village, and why social networking is allowing gay men and women feel more accepted in the global community.

Download MP3 (7 MB | 4:44 min)

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