Martin Kemp chatting to Dave Stearn on Pure

20 May 2016 by Pure Radio

Martin Kemp from Spandau Ballet ahead of his an Audience with show at Buxton Opera House on May 29th 2016 speaking to Dave Stearn on Pure Breakfast.

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Jun 2014 - Out With Prostate Cancer

12 June 2014 by Pure Radio

Each year more than forty-thousand men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in the UK. It’s the most common male cancer.

Tonight, Under the Rainbow will be hearing about a support group for gay and bisexual men.

They’ve been speaking to the group’s Chairperson, Martin Wells.

He talked about how it’s reassuring to get advice from someone in the same situation.

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Oct 2013 - Online Dating Safety

10 October 2013 by Pure Radio

More and more people are turning to the increasing number of online dating services to find their special someone.

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation are advising people to be careful when chatting online and arranging to meet someone.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to their Community Engagement Co-ordinator, Martin Cooper.

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Mar 2013 - Manchester Canalsiders

21 March 2013 by Pure Radio

Tonight Under the Rainbow found out about a new sports team for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community.

Manchester Canalsiders is a rugby league club that’s been set up to encourage all LGBT people into sport.

Two of the organisers, Martin and Stan, have been speaking to Under the Rainbow.

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May 2012 - Village Angels

10 May 2012 by Pure Radio

Did you ever find your self a bit lost on a night out?

A new team of people have started patrolling the Gay Village in Manchester. They are there to help you in a variety of different situations.

Martin Cooper from the Lesbian and Gay Foundation told Under the Rainbow what they do.

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