Apr 2013 - Goodbye Marlene Bracegirdle

11 April 2013 by Pure Radio

Under the Rainbow was sad to hear that Maggie Turner passed away last week.

She was involved in the Vada Theatre Company, and was also known by her alter-ego Marlene Bracegirdle.

Under the Rainbow looked back at one of her characters – Mystic Marlene.

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Under the Rainbow - 2nd August 2012

2 August 2012 by Pure Radio

Thursday 2nd August 2012: The lifestyle guide for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans community in Stockport. Under the Rainbow keeps you updated with everything going on in the borough and beyond. Listen for details of local groups, unmissable gigs, the latest news and have a laugh with our quiz.

Tonight Under the Rainbow heard a short play from the Vada Theatre Company – Mystic Marlene.

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Aug 2012 - Vada's Two Minute Queers - Mystic Marlene

2 August 2012 by Pure Radio

The Vada Theatre Company is an acting group for the LGBT community.

They’re performing their ‘Two Minute Queers’ during this month’s Manchester Pride Fringe Festival. They are a collection of short plays.

Tonight, Under the Rainbow hears from the world of Mystic Marlene.

Download MP3 (7 MB | 5:18 min)