Ben's Brother Jamie Hartman on Pure 2016

27 September 2016 by Pure Radio

Jamie Chats to Dave Stearn from Pure Breakfast about the new Ep released this autumn and plans for a full album and tour in 2017.

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May 2015 - Survivors Manchester Gay And Bisexual Men's Therapy Group

7 May 2015 by Pure Radio

Survivors Manchester supports men who have experienced sexual abuse and rape.

They are currently setting up a therapy group for men who identify as gay or bisexual who have survived childhood sexual abuse.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Survivors Manchester’s Clinical Lead and Psychotherapist, Tom Taylor.

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Feb 2013 - Vada Theatre Company - Love & Other Calculations

28 February 2013 by Pure Radio

Today is the last day of Lesbian Gay, Bisexual and Trans History Month 2013.

Under the Rainbow caught up with the Vada Theatre Company, who put on a production last week called Love & Other Calculations.

Their Artistic Director, Stephen Hornby, told Under the Rainbow what preparation was involved in putting it together and what they’re planning for the rest of the year.

Download MP3 (5 MB | 3:29 min)

Jamie Hartman On The Guest List

20 December 2011 by Pure Radio

Singer songwriter Jamie Hartman is best known as the front man of the band Ben’s Brother. Their debut ablum ‘Beta Male Fairytales’ peaked at 14 in the UK charts in 2007. Their single ‘Let Me Out’ was short-listed for a Ivor Novello award.

Now Jamie is launching a solo career with his first solo album III which will be released early in 2012. Jamie played Paul Holloway a track from the new album ‘Buddah Allah Jesus Jones’ and talked about moving to LA, becoming a Dad and how his brother Ben is getting on.

Download MP3 (12 MB | 12:33 min)

The Colour Room Cancer Support - Part 1

15 March 2011 by Pure Radio

Coping with a cancer diagnosis is traumatic enough, but hair loss from chemotherapy can be a real blow to a woman’s confidence.

Sara Hughes talks to Sean Tetlow, owner of The Colour Room in Stockport, on how he is cutting and styling patients’ wigs free of charge.

Download MP3 (5 MB | 3:23 min)

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