Outwood Primary 50th Anniversary

15 November 2012 by Pure Radio

Pure’s Wayne Wright joined staff and former pupils for the 50th Anniversary celebrations at Outwood Primary in Heald Green.

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Outwood Primary

30 March 2012 by Pure Radio

Hello to everyone at Outwood Primary.

Hear the kids in How Cools Your School and try to guess the mystery celebrity from the clues in Idol’s Ideaology.

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How Cools Your School airs at 8:20

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Outwood Primary's School Fair

22 June 2011 by Pure Radio

Perri McManus went over to Outwood Primary School on June 18th on the day of their annual school fair. She spoke to some of the people involved with the organisation of the fair, as well as stall holders, helpers and pupils from the school.

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