Undertones Guitarist Damian O'Neill on Fuzzbox

21 October 2010 by Pure Radio

Undertones Guitarist Damian O’Neill told Paul and Brinner what it was like supporting the Clash in America and how John Peel set the band on their way to fame and fortune by coughing up the cost of studio time from his own pocket.

Download MP3 (9 MB | 9:58 min)

Garry Bushell On Fuzzbox

16 September 2010 by Pure Radio

Garry Bushell is best known for being an outspoken TV critic, but did you know he also played his part in the punk explosion? Garry is known as the Godfather Of Oi, after he managed the Cockney Rejects and complied the ‘Oi’ albums.

He told Paul and Brinner about the time Ozzy Osbourne shaved his eyebrows and Freddie Starr threw a knife at him. Before putting his punk knowledge to the test in Nevermind The Fuzzbox.

Download MP3 (20 MB | 21:37 min)