Kate Richardson Walsh talks to Pure ahead of Olympic Parade

17 October 2016 by Pure Radio

Ahead of our Team GB Heroes Homecoming Parade coverage in Manchester City Centre.

Paul Holloway spoke to Heaton Moor’s Golden Girl Kate Richardson Walsh.

Kate finished her 17 year international career by captaining Team GB to Hockey Gold in Rio.

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Dutch Uncles on Fuzzbox

8 February 2013 by Pure Radio

Paul Holloway met up with Duncan Wallis and Robin Richards from the Dutch Uncles at Eve Studios in Bredbury.

The Marple based band have just released their third album Out Of Touch In The Wild.

They talk about their homecoming gig at Manchester’s Gorilla on 16 Feb, Mike Joyce, Tim Burgess, Buzzcocks, cross-dressing, Duncan’s dancing and being in Pure’s Stockport’s Finest competition back in 2009.

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Anarchy in SK!

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Anna Ryder Richardson On New Horizons

21 March 2010 by Pure Radio

TV presenter and interior designer Anna Ryder Richardson, from Changing Rooms, House Invaders and Staying Put, talks to Susan Sides

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Music In Hospitals On New Horizons

27 September 2009 by Pure Radio

June Somekh talks to Sid Richards from the charity Music In Hospitals.

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