Robinson's Brewery Visitor Centre Opens

28 March 2013 by Pure Radio

A two million pound tourist attraction, training and conference facility that has opened in the borough.

The family owned Robinson’s Brewery is a Stockport institution with 175 years heritage.

And Robbie’s are hoping their new visitor centre will give people an insight into local history as well as the process of brewing beer.

MD of Beer Division Oliver Robinson spoke to Phil Munn for Pure and Pete Levene visited the centre to sample a pint with MD of Pubs Division William Robinson.

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Tony Robinson On New Horizons

10 June 2012 by Pure Radio

Susan Sides recently spoke to the broadcaster, historian, actor, all round national treasure and of course Baldrick, Tony Robinson.

Tony spoke with Susan about his career about a new campaign to help older people get value for money out of their computers.

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Bellyflop TV

7 June 2011 by Pure Radio

Jonathan Robinson talks to Mark Pattison about some of the community films Bellyflop TV has made for Stockport Council and how video can be a powerful tool for up and coming businesses.

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I Love the Village

17 May 2011 by Pure Radio

Mark Pattison talks to Stockport filmmaker Jonathan Robinson, about his new Youtube channel, I Love the Village, and why social networking is allowing gay men and women feel more accepted in the global community.

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