Rocky Votolato in session for Roots & Fusion

9 March 2016 by Pure Radio

Texas born Rocky Votolato came into the Roots & Fusion studio for a session the morning after playing a gig at The Castle in Manchester.

With a recording history stretching back to 1999, this is his first headlining tour of the UK.

He recorded five songs in his wonderful laid back Americana Folk style and then we had a bit of a natter…

1) Shortcuts
2) Sawdust & Shavings
3) Uppers Aren’t Necessary
4) Hospital Handshakes
5) White Daisy Passing

The session was recorded by Aaron Hixon –

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Download MP3 (66 MB | 28:54 min)

Gaz Brookfield in session for Roots & Fusion

23 December 2015 by Pure Radio

Bristol based singer songwriter – self styled solo acoustic guy – Gaz Brookfield came into the studio while on tour with Funke and the Two Tone Baby.

He recorded a couple of songs in his wonderful, humorous style.

1) Diabetes Blues
2) Sailor Jerry’s Kitchen

Download MP3 (31 MB | 13:36 min)

Funke and the Two Tone Baby in session for Roots & Fusion

23 December 2015 by Pure Radio

The incredible Funke and the Two Tone Baby (AKA Dan Turbull) came in the Roots & Fusion studio for the final session of 2015.

A 21st century one man band, he loops voice, guitar, harmonica & beatboxing to create a unique sound.

We also had a chat about how he does it, how he writes songs and having a musician’s “year off”...

1) If You’re Nice To Me
2) I’m Not Well
3) Anchor
4) (acoustic) Not Enough Bonobo

Download MP3 (56 MB | 24:38 min)

Tiki Black in session for Roots & Fusion

2 September 2015 by Pure Radio

After last year’s wonderful Roots & Fusion Playing Out gig, Tiki Black returned to Roots & Fusion to record a session in the studio.

The gifted singer songwriter sat behind her keyboard and played four songs from her marvelous Out Of The Black album as well as a new song.

We also had a chat about her recent tour of the Netherlands, her collaboration with Jo Bywater and the possibility of a future EP…

1) Listen
2) Escape
3) Swollen
4) The Other Woman
5) Free Like Smoke

Download MP3 (91 MB | 39:52 min)

Sean Taylor in session for Roots & Fusion

1 October 2014 by Pure Radio

The wonderful talent that is Sean Taylor returned to the Roots & Fusion studio to record a handful of tunes and have a chat.

With a six album body of work behind him, Sean played some new songs including his first ever public rendition of Flesh & Mind.

We talked about how his next album might sound, how he approaches recording as opposed to his live sound, and also the story of Danny and the Jazz Face…

1) Les Rouges Et Les Noirs
2) Rothko
3) Flesh & Mind
4) Hold On
5) Stand Up

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Download MP3 (26 MB | 27:58 min)

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