Aug 2015 - Historic England - Pride Of Place

13 August 2015 by Pure Radio

Historic England are asking the public to submit information about lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer history.

Under the Rainbow has been chatting with Rosie Sherrington, who is a Social Inclusion and Diversity Adviser at Historic England, and the Manager of the Pride Of Place project.

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Apr 2013 - Rosie Garland - The Palace of Curiosities

11 April 2013 by Pure Radio

Poet, singer and performer Rosie Garland is known for being part of Goth rock band The March Violets, and as her alter-ego – lesbian vampire queen Rosie Lugosi.

She’s since been writing her first novel – The Palace of Curiosities, which was published at the end of March.

It’s about Eve and Abel – who rise to fame as The Lion Faced Girl and The Flayed Man in a circus.

Rosie has been speaking to Under the Rainbow.

Download MP3 (9 MB | 6:38 min)