School menu Competition

20 April 2016 by Pure Radio

Solutions SK and te Stockport County Community Foundation have joined forces to launch a school Meals competition. Dave Stearn Spoke to Jacqueline Cohen, Engagement Manager at SSK about it

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LGBT Sport Afternoon

24 March 2016 by Pure Radio

On Easter Saturday there is an afternoon of athletics, basketball, climbing, football, rugby league and more – all aimed at LGBT people who are beginners in sport.

It will be going on at Hough End Leisure Centre, which is located between Chorlton and Withington.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to the Director of Pride Sports, Lou Englefield, who has been describing what’s planned.

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Jim Gannon's Return, Cary Cooper & Skate Park 19 Jan 16

19 January 2016 by Pure Radio

Jon Keighren on Jim Gannon’s return to Edgeley Park. Professor Cary Cooper on why we should all be working shorter hours. And a group of teenagers in Edgeley secure a new skate park.

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Stockport Reports: Legal Highs, WWII Air Crash & News Review 7 Jul 15

7 July 2015 by Pure Radio

Should legal highs be banned? Simon is joined by Martin McClean of MOSAIC to find out more about New Psychoactive Substances, whilst Cllr Chris Murphy and Leader of Stockport Council Sue Derbyshire debate the matter. Jane speaks to 91 year old Kenneth Brooks from Bramhall, who was first on the scene at the crash which killed Polish Prime Minister Wladislaw Sikorski in 1943. Plus, the News Review of the Week.

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Apr 2015 - Sam Jackson - Beautiful Thing

2 April 2015 by Pure Radio

Beautiful Thing is a story of young love, between two men on a rundown council estate.

Living with his single mum, Jamie finds himself infatuated with his next door neighbour and classmate, Ste. One night, Ste is beaten up so badly by his father, Jamie’s mother takes him in. From there, their romance begins.

It will be at The Lowry this month. Jamie will be played by Sam Jackson – as seen on Channel 4’s Skins and Drifters.

Sam told Under the Rainbow that social attitudes have changed massively towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people – since the play premiered in 1993.

Download MP3 (7 MB | 5:06 min)

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