May 2015 - Irish Marriage Referendum

28 May 2015 by Pure Radio

On Friday Ireland voted on the issue of marriage equality.

A referendum was required because the country’s constitution defines marriage, and to prevent legal challenges to same-sex marriages they wanted to tweak the wording – so to change the constitution requires the say of the people.

They had weeks of debates on television and radio, not to mention on the streets – where there were also posters for both sides of the campaign.

Emotions were running high by the day of the referendum. Under the Rainbow spoke to a few people in Dublin’s LGBT community.

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Apr 2015 - Sam Jackson - Beautiful Thing

2 April 2015 by Pure Radio

Beautiful Thing is a story of young love, between two men on a rundown council estate.

Living with his single mum, Jamie finds himself infatuated with his next door neighbour and classmate, Ste. One night, Ste is beaten up so badly by his father, Jamie’s mother takes him in. From there, their romance begins.

It will be at The Lowry this month. Jamie will be played by Sam Jackson – as seen on Channel 4’s Skins and Drifters.

Sam told Under the Rainbow that social attitudes have changed massively towards lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people – since the play premiered in 1993.

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Aug 2014 - Manchester Pride 2014 - LGBT Youth North West

28 August 2014 by Pure Radio

Last weekend numerous people from Stockport took part in this year’s Manchester Pride.

It’s the annual festival for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community.

LGBT Youth North West run a weekly group in the borough, and Under the Rainbow caught up with them in the Pride parade.

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Jan 2014 - Coming Out Of The Closet

23 January 2014 by Pure Radio

Coming out of the closet, and being open about who you are, can be a challenging situation for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to the Lesbian and Gay Foundation’s Advice and Support Manager, Samantha Days.

Their helpline is available daily for advice on coming out.

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Dec 2013 - Rainbow Awards - Song

12 December 2013 by Pure Radio

In January Under the Rainbow will be celebrating the best of the LGBT community with an awards show.

There will be a number of different categories you can vote in.

We are asking you to vote for your favourite song from 2013.

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