Tony Robinson On New Horizons

10 June 2012 by Pure Radio

Susan Sides recently spoke to the broadcaster, historian, actor, all round national treasure and of course Baldrick, Tony Robinson.

Tony spoke with Susan about his career about a new campaign to help older people get value for money out of their computers.

Download MP3 (15 MB | 16:23 min)

Coleen & Linda Nolan On New Horizons

24 April 2011 by Pure Radio

Here is another opportunity to hear Susan Sides talking to not one but two Nolan sisters.

Coleen and Linda Nolan from the 1970’s supergroup recently joined her on New Horizons.

Download MP3 (9 MB | 9:37 min)

Susan Sides Tangos With Local Dance Instructor Paul Burton

27 March 2011 by Pure Radio

Here is another chance to hear Susan being showed a few new steps by local dance instructor Paul Burton on New Horizons.

Not only do you get to hear Susan trying the tango but Paul also tells how romance blossomed at one of his classes with the first weddings from one of his groups.

Paul runs classes at Woodford Community Centre on Chester Road and at Higher Poynton.

Download MP3 (13 MB | 14:23 min)

Charlie Dimmock On New Horizons

11 April 2010 by Pure Radio

Susan Sides talks to Charlie Dimmock, one of of our best loved TV gardeners.

She shot to fame in the TV gardening make over programme Ground Force back in 1997.

She tells Susan what it was like working with Alan Titchmarsh and takes the Eternal Youth Reality Quiz.

Download MP3 (7 MB | 7:59 min)

Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee on New Horizons

29 November 2009 by Pure Radio

Susan Sides talks to TV magician Paul Daniels and his celebrity wife Debbie McGee.

Download MP3 (12 MB | 12:32 min)