Mar 2015 - Village Spartans Rugby Club

19 March 2015 by Pure Radio

The Village Spartans are a rugby club, with a team for gay and bisexual men. They train and play regularly from their home grounds in Sale.

Recently Under the Rainbow found out about a women’s team they are setting up.

This evening they’ll be hearing how the Spartans men’s team has been going since forming in 1998.

Spartans player and PR Spokesperson, Gareth Longley told Under the Rainbow how they’ve been playing recently.

Download MP3 (5 MB | 3:34 min)

Village Spartans on Gareth Thomas

21 January 2010 by Pure Radio

Last month Welsh rugby union star Gareth Thomas came out publicly about his sexuality.

Under the Rainbow speaks to gay rugby team the Village Spartans about their reactions. Alex Smith and Gareth Longley from the team give us their opinion on the barriers for gay and bisexual men in sport.

Download MP3 (9 MB | 9:27 min)