Under The Rainbow's Tribute To David Bowie

14 January 2016 by Pure Radio

Under the Rainbow are paying tribute to David Bowie. He was born in London in 1947, and found fame by the late 1960s.

He’s been known for numerous personas throughout his career. He’s often appeared as an androgynous character, questioning the public’s preconceptions of gender and sexuality.

Download MP3 (2 MB | 1:34 min)

Stark session for Roots & Fusion

10 September 2014 by Pure Radio

Roots & Fusion was very pleased to welcome Brighton based three piece Stark into the studio for a session.

With Jamie on banjo, Evan on bodran and Joshua playing resonator, they played four songs and had a chat with Rick about why they chose to play these instruments, how they write their songs and how the back of Richard Thompson’s head had a profound effect…

The session was recorded by Aaron Hixon (www.soundcloud.com/brokenchicken)

1) Rising High Water
2) Killing Floor
3) Die By the Drop
4) Circle Roads

Catch up with Roots & Fusion at www.facebook.com/rootsandfusion or www.mixcloud.com/rootsandfusion

Download MP3 (36 MB | 25:59 min)

May 2014 - Joe McElderry

8 May 2014 by Pure Radio

X-Factor and Popstar to Operastar winner Joe McElderry will be singing at the Stockport Plaza this Saturday.

Ben Musther spoke to him for Under the Rainbow.

Download MP3 (10 MB | 7:00 min)

Dec 2013 - Rainbow Awards - Musician or Band

12 December 2013 by Pure Radio

We are preparing an awards show for the new year, of all the best LGBT stuff from 2013, on Under the Rainbow.

And we want to know – who is your musician or band of the year?

Download MP3 (2 MB | 1:11 min)

Nov 2013 - Through Her Eyes

7 November 2013 by Pure Radio

Through Her Eyes is the emotional story of a young transgender woman, as she struggles with her gender identity, and the unwelcoming society she lives in. It aims to inspire empathy, understanding and acceptance of trans people.

The project is currently asking for funding to complete this short film.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to the project’s founder, Lily. She explained why it’s so important.

Download MP3 (10 MB | 7:33 min)

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