Save Stockport's Green Belt

11 January 2017 by Pure Radio

Gillian Postill telling Dave Stearn on Stockport Focus about their objections to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework consultation.

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Gold rush! Local karate club claims 36 world titles

6 December 2016 by Pure Radio

Bushido Martial Arts have come back from the 2016 WKC World Karate Championships in Portugal with a massive medals haul.

Jane Lomas spoke to Chief Instructor John Robertson and two of the gold medal winners Leah Ferneyhough and Jake Clegg.

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Jason Baird's Black Belt Academy

28 October 2014 by Pure Radio

16 times world champion and 6th Dan Black Belt, Master Jason Baird talks to Mark Pattison about his martial arts academy at Broadstone Mill in Reddish.

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Oct 2014 - ASPECS - Autism, Tourette's and ADHD Group

2 October 2014 by Pure Radio

Tonight Under the Rainbow are discussing a new group called ASPECS.

It stands for Austistic and Aspergers Syndrome People of Every Category of Sexuality.

It’s a networking group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. It that includes those with ADHD, Tourette’s, and those anywhere on the autistic spectrum.

They’ll have their first meeting later this month.

The group’s Founder – Dan Kahn, also known as drag queen Tia Anna, has been speaking to Under the Rainbow.

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Stockport Focus: Dementia funding 19 Aug 14

19 August 2014 by Pure Radio

Sue Clarke, Operations Manager at the Alzheimer’s Society for Stockport and Greater Manchester, explains the benefits of £755,000 of new funding to support people with dementia in Stockport.

Download MP3 (20 MB | 8:34 min)

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