John Ainsworth in session for Roots & Fusion

29 October 2014 by Pure Radio

Roots & Fusion welcomed the one & only John Ainsworth into the studio for a session.

Playing his 12 string acoustic guitar with his now trademark intensity, he recorded five songs and then had a discussion about his new, as yet unmastered, album, his open mic night and gave respect to his old music teacher…

1) Spotlight
2) Dreams
3) Bones & Blood
4) Remedy
5) Numbers

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Stark session for Roots & Fusion

10 September 2014 by Pure Radio

Roots & Fusion was very pleased to welcome Brighton based three piece Stark into the studio for a session.

With Jamie on banjo, Evan on bodran and Joshua playing resonator, they played four songs and had a chat with Rick about why they chose to play these instruments, how they write their songs and how the back of Richard Thompson’s head had a profound effect…

The session was recorded by Aaron Hixon (

1) Rising High Water
2) Killing Floor
3) Die By the Drop
4) Circle Roads

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Download MP3 (36 MB | 25:59 min)

Basement 13th February

13 February 2014 by Pure Radio

Radio made for young people in Stockport.

Singer-songwriter Matt Wood – My Lyrical Mind – joins us in studio to perform some of his music.

And we discuss how to tackle the increasing problem of cyber-bullying.

Download MP3 (39 MB | 28:13 min)