Council Tax, Children in Shops & Charlie Ainsworth 8 Mar 16

8 March 2016 by Pure Radio

Stockport residents face a 3.75% increase to their council tax this year — we hear from Leader of the Council Cllr Sue Derbyshire and Conservative group leader Cllr Syd Lloyd. Plus hero teenager Charlie Ainsworth from Romiley talks about saving his elderly neighbour — and his cat — from a house fire. And is it ever acceptable to ask someone to leave a shop because their child’s throwing a tantrum?

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John Ainsworth in session for Roots & Fusion 2016

13 January 2016 by Pure Radio

The incredible talent that is John Ainsworth returned to the Roots & Fusion studio for his second session.

Having recently returned from a trip to Canada & America, John was on fire in this session.

He recorded six songs, using his 6 and 12 string guitars and then had a chat about his trip, his desire to get some more recordings out there and what it’s like to be a member of Johnny Sly…

1) Stolen
2) Alien Abduction
3) Found & Lost
4) No Time For Tears
5) Rainbow
6) Drowing

Session recorded by Aaron Hixon –

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John Ainsworth in session for Roots & Fusion

29 October 2014 by Pure Radio

Roots & Fusion welcomed the one & only John Ainsworth into the studio for a session.

Playing his 12 string acoustic guitar with his now trademark intensity, he recorded five songs and then had a discussion about his new, as yet unmastered, album, his open mic night and gave respect to his old music teacher…

1) Spotlight
2) Dreams
3) Bones & Blood
4) Remedy
5) Numbers

For more information about John Ainsworth see his facebook page at

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