Sep 2011 - I Exist - LGB Rights Guide

22 September 2011 by Pure Radio

Last month we heard from the Lesbian and Gay Foundation about a survey named I Exist, but did you know the LGF also have a booklet by the same name? Tonight Jo Dunning from the LGF tells Under the Rainbow about the booklet. It contains information and pointers on numerous areas of interest to LGB people.

Download MP3 (2 MB | 1:13 min)

Apr 2011 - Our Kids Are Alright

21 April 2011 by Pure Radio

Under the Rainbow found out about a new booklet aimed at helping young lesbian, gay and bisexual people coming out to their families. One of the contributors to the guide, Lois, spoke about how her son Joe came out, and how she received support from the Manchester Parent’s Group.

Download MP3 (9 MB | 6:48 min)

Mar 2011 - Biphoria - Getting Bi In A Gay Straight World

10 March 2011 by Pure Radio

Getting-Bi is the new information booklet about Bisexuality, created by support group Bi-Phoria. Under the Rainbow spoke to Holly Mathis from the group.

Download MP3 (8 MB | 5:57 min)