May 2015 - Survivors Manchester Gay And Bisexual Men's Therapy Group

7 May 2015 by Pure Radio

Survivors Manchester supports men who have experienced sexual abuse and rape.

They are currently setting up a therapy group for men who identify as gay or bisexual who have survived childhood sexual abuse.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Survivors Manchester’s Clinical Lead and Psychotherapist, Tom Taylor.

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Dec 2014 - Lesbian and Gay Foundation's Drugs Clinic

11 December 2014 by Pure Radio

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation run a weekly Drugs Clinic, aimed at helping people who have a problem with using alcohol and illegal substances.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to their Wellbeing Manager, Lucy Rolfe.

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Oct 2013 - Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis - HIV Prevention Study

24 October 2013 by Pure Radio

Last year in Stockport there were 21 new diagnoses of HIV, and almost 450 in Greater Manchester as a whole.

There’s currently a medical trail of a drug which may help reduce the number of new infections. The study is looking for gay and bisexual men who are currently putting themselves as risk through unprotected sex.

Professor Sheena McCormack of the Medical Research Council’s Clinical Trials Unit has been speaking to Under the Rainbow.

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Mar 2013 - IVF Consultation

28 March 2013 by Pure Radio

IVF is a treatment which assists pregnancy in those who have infertility problems.

The NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group is currently consulting the public on proposed changes to the availability of IVF.

The proposals include allowing same-sex couples and single women, across Stockport, access to the procedure.

Under the Rainbow spoke to Vikki Owen-Smith, the group’s Clinical Director of Public Health.

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Nov 2011 - LGF's Rapid HIV Testing

24 November 2011 by Pure Radio

The Lesbian and Gay Foundation hold a rapid HIV testing clinic, for gay men, every Thursday. The results of the test are available within 30 minutes of taking it. Peter Boyle from the LGF told Under the Rainbow about it, and their plans to stay open longer on the first of December.

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