Sep 2015 - PLUS Exercise Group - Debdale Park

17 September 2015 by Pure Radio

People Like Us Stockport are a social group for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community.

As well as social events, they also meet regularly for walks around the borough and further afield.

On Tuesday, they met up for a stroll around a nearby green space.

Under the Rainbow joined them.

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Aug 2015 - PLUS Exercise Group - Trans-Pennine Trail

6 August 2015 by Pure Radio

People Like Us Stockport are the borough’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans social group.

Amongst other events, they hold regular walks around town and further afield.

On a sunny July evening, Under the Rainbow donned their walking boots – and chatted with the walk’s organiser Andy Jones.

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Aug 2014 - Just For Men Workshops

7 August 2014 by Pure Radio

At the end of next week, the Lesbian and Gay Foundation will start a programme of workshops aimed at gay and bisexual men.

They will include online dating, relationships, going abroad on holiday, and diet and exercise.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to Stacey Adams, the Sexual Health Programme Manager at the LGF.

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Mixed martial arts at 12 Gauge MMA

12 September 2013 by Pure Radio

The global success of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has turned Mixed Martial Arts or MMA into a very popular sport in it’s own right. Pure’s Duncan Boswell met up with former fighter Matthew Thorpe who runs a gym in Portwood where you can try Mixed Martial Arts too.

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May 2013 - PLUS Exercise Group - Ladybrook Valley

23 May 2013 by Pure Radio

The PLUS Exercise Group is a walking group for Stockport’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans community.

Their most recent stroll has been along the Ladybrook Valley.

Under the Rainbow went along, and spoke to their organiser Andy.

Download MP3 (3 MB | 2:28 min)

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