Stockport Pride

12 May 2016 by Pure Radio

Thyme For Food is a cafe and bar in Edgeley. They’re organising Stockport Pride, which aims to raise awareness and acceptance of the borough’s LGBT community.

Planned for the last weekend of July, they are hoping celebrate in the biggest, loudest and most colourful way possible.

Under the Rainbow has been finding out more, from Kellie.

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Aug 2014 - Summer Sapphormation

7 August 2014 by Pure Radio

Sapphormation is a positive space for women who love women which takes place in November.

This year there’ll be an extra event next week called Summer Sapphormation – which includes food and an art workshop.

We’ve been speaking to one of the organisers, Myrtle Finley.

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Basement 30th January

30 January 2014 by Pure Radio

Radio made for young people in Stockport.

A quarter of young adults in the UK are still living at home with their parents – we discuss the effect the economic downturn has had on young people leaving home.

We have a quick and easy chicken noodle dish to celebrate Chinese New Year in our 30-Second Meal.

And of course we have three more Banger tracks to review.

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