Action for Trans Health

23 June 2016 by Pure Radio

Action for Trans Health is an organisation that aims to improve the lives of anyone who identifies as transgender.

They raise money, which is then allocated to trans people in need.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking to one of the group’s founders, Jess.

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Trans Day of Visibility - My Genderation - Rowyn

31 March 2016 by Pure Radio

Today is Trans Day of Visibility.

My Genderation is a film project that was set up to record the experiences and perspectives of gender variance. They are creating engaging short films which represent individual journeys with gender expression and self-identity.

Rowyn is one of the people they’ve been hearing from.

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Trans Day of Visibility - Matilda

31 March 2016 by Pure Radio

Today is Transgender Day of Visibility.

Under the Rainbow has been chatting with a furniture maker from Marple Bridge, Matilda – who also happens to be a transgender woman.

She explained why the day is important to her.

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Response To The Transgender Equality Inquiry

4 February 2016 by Pure Radio

Last month the Women and Equalities Select Committee released a report on their transgender equality inquiry.

It includes numerous recommendations to the government, such as making it easier to change gender on official documents; increasing awareness of trans issues amongst healthcare staff; and helping prevent hate crime.

Under the Rainbow has been speaking with Louie Stafford of the LGBT Foundation – about their response to the report.

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May 2015 - Morf's Binder Exchange Scheme

21 May 2015 by Pure Radio

Morf is a social and peer support group for trans-masculine people.

The term describes those who were female at birth, but identify as a masculine identity.

The group’s Chairperson, Elliott, has been telling Under the Rainbow about their Binder Exchange Scheme.

A binder is a compression vest that is used to reduce the appearance of breasts.

Elliott said that the scheme gives trans-masculine people an alternative to resorting to more painful methods.

Download MP3 (8 MB | 5:36 min)

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